Lo-Fi 5 Year Retrospective Book

Second Edition

After the first release sold out so quickly, Lo-Fi put together a second edition of their retrospective book. The new green edition features a few bonus pages as well as all of the previous, documenting a wide range of graphics, photos, collaborations and products from their first 10 ranges and 6 years of retail.

– 216 pages, 280mm x 210mm
– 105gsm paper with sewn thread bind
– Edition of 250
– 1 Book/Customer

 35.00 incl. VAT, excl. shipping

Sold out

The original Lo-Fi store first opened its doors on Howard Street in 2014. Five years on, Lo-Fi expanded to its second location by opening a skate store across the street. Lo-Fi also operates as a stand alone label which has been a staple since its opening. Offering a range of products drawing inspiration from forgotten pop culture, fringe cultures and the obsolete.

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