Flat Earth Tee – White

Everything is so complicated: rocket science, brain surgery, public transport fee systems, nutrition, keeping all apps constantly up-to-date, typing on „smart“ phones, interpreting emoji messages.

At The Flat Earth Society we keep it simple – flat. Join us! Join the simple life and show everyone that you’re part of making our world a little easier to live in. Become a founding member – Today!

Beinghunted & Civilist

– Gildan Blanks
– 100% premium cotton
– pre-shrunk
– 1-color print on front
– photo-print on back
– Beinghunted. neck label
– Made in the European Union

 45.00 incl. VAT, excl. shipping

Sold out

Founded over a decade ago, the philosophy behind BEINGHUNTED. is still the same: collecting, curating, archiving and communicating to and with like-minded people. Online but also and mainly in the ‘real world’…

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