Era – Foot The Bill – Civilist

We had the chance to design a @vansskate Customs Era for their Foot The Bill campaign! In times like this its actually a sick idea from Vans! You can choose our Civilist Paisley Pattern on the Toe section and for the rest you can basically do whatever you want! The best thing about this is that all net proceeds go directly to the shop! Read more by hitting the link in our bio!

How we will spend the money
I suppose that everyone has been affected by the virus and its restrictions to our lives. Since we had to close down the shop until further notice, most of the kids that work here don’t come in anymore, but we are still paying them. With this nice opportunity from Vans we can hopefully use some of the money for them and giving back to our community.


The Civilist Paisley pattern will part of our Summer 20 collection, so it was the perfect timing when Vans approached us. If you get your customized Era’s ready in time, they might arrive when our Civilist Paisley Swim Shorts get here 😉 Watch out….
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 105.00 incl. VAT, excl. shipping

Well, you have probably already heard the whole story about Vans, so no need to tell it all over again. Besides our beloved Vans Syndicates we still wanna give you the chance to get your hands on our idea of some of the “All-Time-Classics”.

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