Gilbert Crockett Pro 2 – QUASI – Dark Grey

Vans ArcAd x Quasi Skateboards Pack

– Gilbert Crockett Signature Pro Model
– Custom one-piece woven jacquard upper with translucent Rapidweld layers
– Quasi “Boom” Pattern
– Ultracush HD insole
– Wafflecup outsole

– Slip-On Lite
– Custom one-piece woven jacquard upper
– Quasi “Boom” Pattern
– Wafflecup outsole

– Double Drawer Box
– Satin-Lined Cinch Backpack/Tote Bag

€ 149.00 incl. VAT, excl. shipping

ARCAD both box2
ARCAD both1
ARCAD Gilbert Pro Dark Grey1
ARCAD Gilbert Pro Dark Grey2
ARCAD Gilbert Pro Dark Grey3
ARCAD Gilbert Pro Dark Grey4
ARCAD Gilbert Pro Dark Grey6
ARCAD Gilbert Pro Dark Grey5
ARCAD Slip on Dark gry1
ARCAD Slip on Dark gry2
ARCAD Slip on Dark gry3
ARCAD bag1
ARCAD bag2
ARCAD both box1

Progression through archive advancement. Vans ArcAd is a new division with highly limited releases from the minds of Vans Pro Skate. Watch out for some Syndicate-esque specials!

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